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Develop a strategic marketing communications plan that employ tactics to prominently promote products and services, enhance brand perception and 

reputation, and support the total marketing mix to achieve sales and business objectives.

Lead the execution of a branding (or rebranding) strategy to prominently articulate company values, as well as enhance brand perception and convey competitive advantages within target markets and key audience segments.


Align value propositions with product and service promotions to influence

the engagement and buying decisions of customer segments.

Manage external communications and company relationships

with key media outlets, market influencers, customer segments,

and public audiences.

The aspiration to be “global” is now more relevant and strategic than ever in today’s era of digital globalization. The world is utilizing innovative communication technology to be more connected than ever before. Globalization, by way of digital communication, transcends all markets and audiences, providing opportunity for economic growth and enhanced brand value. 

Berger is a global-scope marketing communications firm that helps growth-aspiring organizations orient their global marketing perspective. We do this by partnering with clients to employ smart, integrated strategies that prominently communicate in today’s business and retail markets and social environments to reach, engage and inspire global audiences.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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